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Back home from the //BUILD/ conference! As for #Office365Dev – let’s go over what actually happened. The keynote featured some announcements, but we released many more features and updates during these days. be1b9a2a-6ad4-4bcd-91d4-238ebb1f0c88

In this blog post, I will lightly cover some of the highlights of what we announced at //BUILD/.

Office Add-ins for Mac

As we are working on getting Office add-ins running on the available platforms – we now have the Mac ecosystem joining the family. This means that your new and existing Office add-ins will soon be working on the Mac version of Office.

Webhooks in the Microsoft Graph

Webhooks is a familiar concept in the API spectrum, we extended the Microsoft Graph endpoint to include support for Webhooks. This is your way of registering your service with the Microsoft Graph – receiving notifications for data changes. So that you can respond dynamically, without polling techniques!

In addition, we also introduced Webhooks for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business:


Finally the Excel REST API is available to try out via the Microsoft Graph. This API was announced a bit back at Connect(), but now made its way into the Microsoft Graph. With this API, you can use REST operations to work with Excel documents (worksheets, charts, tables, ranges, etc.).

In addition, we showed what’s new in the version 1.2 JavaScript API for Excel add-ins:

Office 365 Connectors are now GA

Office 365 Connectors became generally available, this is your way of creating and getting rich content into the Office 365 space (including Office 365 Groups).

OOF Status and Find Meeting Times API

As part of the keynote, we announced the new ability to work with the automatic reply settings in Outlook. We also brought some intelligent operations via the Find Meeting Times API, this will allow you to find an appropriate meeting time between a set of individuals – by just calling the API. Super convenient!

OneNote Add-ins

That’s right, the family is growing! Office add-ins will soon be available for OneNote Online as a first integration point. You will be able to leverage the web skills and tools you already know and love when building your OneNote add-ins.

Microsoft Graph SDKs

We’ve been working hard on the SDKs for the Microsoft Graph. In addition to updates, we’re also bringing the SDK for .NET. Using the Microsoft Graph SDKs will get you started even quicker with consuming the data and intelligence in the Microsoft Cloud.

Skype for Business SDKs

Speaking of SDKs, to get you started integrating your apps with Skype for Business – we announced the preview of the Skype for Business SDKs. This will let you embed chat, voice and video conversations in your native iOS and Android projects!

Outlook Tasks API

We now have the ability to integrate with the Outlook Tasks using the new Outlook Tasks API.

People API

The People API will let you intelligently search and contextually access people information that are the most relevant for a specific user.

Outlook Module Extensibility

This exciting new add-in form-factor for Outlook will let you create full scale modules within Outlook. Much like the mail, calendar and task modules, you can now create your custom models using the existing add-in model. Meaning you can use your existing web knowledge, source code and deployment mechanisms to develop these new Outlook modules.

Office Add-ins Deployment

We announced great updates to the deployment mechanisms of Office add-ins for organizations.


With that, there has been a lot of smaller and bigger announcements during the //BUILD/ conference for #Office365Dev. Exciting stuff! Remember to catch much of the content over at Channel 9:

-Simon Jaeger