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There is a couple of questions that always pop up when I speak to people about Azure. It’s not that the resources and answers to these questions doesn’t exist – believe me, there’s a ton of great articles and resources out there!

But if you don’t know where to look, it can be tricky – so I took the liberty of compiling a list of great resources with regards to these common questions.

Migrating and deploying web apps to Azure

Have a look at this article and inspect the Azure Website (Web App) Migration Assistant:

You can also use FTP to access your web apps: 

In addition, check out the continuous deployment capabilities of App Services:

Migrating local virtual machines to Azure

Here is a straight forward guide to migrating your existing virtual machines to Azure.

Virtual machine disks

This tutorial by Kathy Davies walks you through attaching new disks to your virtual machines in Azure.

Check this out for information about disk limits:

IP Address options

I actually wrote a post recently about the different IP address types available in Azure. It’s good to be aware of the different options when architecting your cloud solutions.

Cross-premises connectivity (virtual networks)

Here’s an overview of virtual networks and cross-premises connectivity.

This article will help you to understand which type of connection you will need (Point-to-Site, Site-to-Site or ExpressRoute):

As for setting up Site-to-Site connectivity, I would like to mention this tutorial by Cheryl McGuire:

Azure Active Directory synchronization

Check out the following articles to gain a better understanding of your synchronization options:

Azure SQL Database vs SQL Server and migration tools

Selcin Turkarslan wrote a great article on understanding Azure SQL Database and SQL Server – I strongly recommend you to read it: 

A popular tool for migrating between Azure SQL Database and SQL Server is SQL Database Migration Wizard. I’ve used it a couple of times and it has been working great, just make sure to pick the correct version of the tool (depending on the version of your SQL Server).

Azure Backup

Here’s an overview and a tutorial by Mark Galioto:

Storage tiers

This covers both pricing and the different redundancy levels of Azure storage: 

If you need very high performance storage – be sure to scroll down and read about Premium Storage.

Security and SLA

As for security and compliance, here’s an entire Trust Center which you can dig into: 

You can learn more about the Service-Level Agreements in Azure here:


For detailed pricing information, check out: 

There’s also a nifty cost calculator available if you would like to estimate the expense of your entire solution:

-Simon Jäger