Bring your “A” game to ESPC16

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With just over 3 weeks to go to Europe’s largest gathering of SharePoint & Office 365 professionals, take a look at these tips that will help you get the most out of ESPC16… Find out who’s going Check out Twitter #espc16 to find out who’s going. There’s no better time to network with your peers, connect with new prospects, or touch base with customers than ESPC16. Don’t bank on running into them at the conference, reach out to them before and arrange a meeting. Plan ahead Take a look at the conference schedule and decide the...

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Installing Outlook add-ins as part of your build definition

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Today many application and service developers integrate their source code with sophisticated tools and practices. One of these is Visual Studio Team Services. In this blog post, we will look at installing the manifest file of an Outlook add-in into an Office 365 tenant as part of the build process. We will be achieving this by using a Visual Studio Team Services extension called Office Outlook Add-In Build/RM Tasks – created by Max Knor ( You can get started for free with Visual Studio Team Services...

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Understanding Office 365 Connectors for Groups with a Console App

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Office 365 connectors is a great way to enrich your Office 365 groups with content relevant to its members. It’s a way of creating a pipeline from other services, to feed into the conversation feeds of your Office 365 groups. Today, you’ll find many popular services already integrated with their own Office 365 connectors into Office 365 groups. Such as Twitter, Trello, Wunderlust, GitHub and many more. Users get engaged, without having to reach into these services individually. The content joins up in one place, relevant to the...

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5 Tips for Designing Beautiful UWP Apps

Posted by on Aug 22, 2016 in #uwpdev | 3 comments

This blog post is about the design ideas and tricks that went into building the UWP version of the Property Manager code sample (recently published at The code sample is a cross-platform solution, leveraging the Microsoft Graph and focuses on building native user experiences. If you would like to learn more about the code sample itself, visit this blog post: You will find a lot of resemblance with...

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A Xamarin Native Sample with MvvmCross for the Microsoft Graph

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There is a great way to call a massive amount of Microsoft APIs – using one single endpoint. This endpoint, so called the Microsoft Graph ( lets you access everything from data, to intelligence and insights powered by the Microsoft Cloud. This post is about the recently released Property Manager code sample, that takes a complete dependency on the Microsoft Graph as its sole and only backend. The intention of this post is to break down the code sample and give you an overview of a few important topics that went...

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Microsoft Graph: Worksheet Protection

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What is the Microsoft Graph? If you haven’t heard, there is an easy way to call a great amount of Microsoft APIs – using one single endpoint. This endpoint, so called the Microsoft Graph ( lets you access everything from data, to intelligence and insights powered by the Microsoft cloud. This is a part of my Microsoft Graph posts – to get started you will need to configure your application in either Azure AD or the new Application Registration Portal (converged app model v2.0). The Azure AD approach is well-tested...

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Prettier repetitive XAML with Attached Properties

Posted by on May 30, 2016 in #uwpdev | 2 comments

XAML is an incredible markup language for both prototyping concepts and building rich, fluid experiences. The set of capabilities is large, and for some a bit unexplored. One of those areas is a concept called attached properties. An attached property is essentially a global property, which can be set on any object. Attached properties have been around even in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), but this post is directed towards attached properties in the Universal Windows Platform. They are however much similar. Get started with UWP...

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Access the Microsoft Graph in your Android projects

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There is an easy way to call a great amount of Microsoft APIs – using one single endpoint. This endpoint, so called the Microsoft Graph ( lets you access everything from data, to intelligence and insights powered by the Microsoft cloud. No longer will you need to keep track of different endpoints and separate tokens in your solutions – how great is that? This post is an introductory part of getting started with the Microsoft Graph. For changes in the Microsoft Graph, head to:

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Get started with ADAL for Android

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in #AndroidDev, #Azure | 6 comments

If you have ever come across Azure Active Directory and integrating it into your own applications and services – you might have used the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). If you haven’t, and you want to get started with this library in the Android ecosystem – this post is for you. Although everything we will create in this blog post can be done without any libraries, it is not encouraged. Using ADAL you will gain an abstraction layer above the complex nature of authentication, so that you can focus on the...

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Microsoft Graph: Find Meeting Times API (Preview)

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Changes to findMeetingTimes API, find more information on our blog post. This change will take effect from May 19th, 2016. What is the Find Meeting Times API? The Microsoft Graph contains a great amount of data, insights and intelligence. If you have only thought about the Microsoft Graph as a service to read and write data from the Microsoft Cloud – there is much more than that! One of the most exciting parts about the Microsoft Graph is the ability to take advantage of...

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