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If you are creating an Office Add-ins in Visual Studio, you can use your own start documents when developing and debugging. It’s a great feature, super easy to set up – but somewhat unknown it seems.

Launch your app in the desired program for your custom document. I’ll be using a PowerPoint presentation in this post. When your app has finished loading; layout and format your slide to your liking.

I’ll simply center my app and format the background color.


Next up, locate the project folder of your Office Add-in project (not the web project). Head over to Visual Studio, select the Office Add-in project and view the Project Folder setting in the properties window.


Now take your custom document (PowerPoint presentation in my case) and save it in this folder. We need to include this document in the project, to do this you can view all of the files in the project folders (in Visual Studio) and include the ones you want. Click the Show All Files button in your Solution Explorer, right-click your custom document and include it.


Lastly, let’s use this custom document as the start document for our Office Add-in. Select the Office Add-in project and find the Start Document property. In the drop-down list, you’ll find the custom document which you just included.


Now the next time you debug/start your Office Add-in, it will launch within your custom document. This is great if you want to configure the default start-up layout and format of your debugging experience – without having to redo it every time.